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Township Driving Academy Fundraiser

Township Driving Academy Team

For some, the ability to drive is a ticket to freedom, literally and metaphorically. Dreams of traversing the country on roads less travelled beckon many a driver in pursuit of new and at times distant horizons. New opportunities arise with the rising of the sun, the road network serving as sinews stitching together far off lands with drivers being couriers of ideas, hope and heart. Bathing the land and its peoples with rays of perspective all the while soaking up knowledge and different cultures as they move along from place to place.

For years the happy feet youth project has been providing hope to youth in underprivileged communities. Founded out of a desire to give purpose and direction to an embattled youth, the project attends to around 300 youth. As a result of the ongoing health crisis, the Founder together with the Youth Project has set up a soup kitchen that feeds approximately 500 people six times a week.

Gifted with an ability to see needs and a strong desire to meet them, Siviwe, the Founder of Happy Feet Youth Project, noticed that a lot of the youth aged 18-22 served by the Project are exceptionally boisterous.

Realising that this youthful exuberance can be funneled into meaningful and beneficial activities, Siviwe had the idea to start a driving school for the youth in the township of Langa in Cape Town, South Africa.

The DUKKS Foundation in conjuction with the Happy Feet Foundation hopes to raise R51,480.00 which would sponsor 12 learners and help them obtain drivers licences. We would like to invite you to partner with us and help us raise this amount.

Together we can work to change a community by empowering their youth. Together, we can fuel their dreams and supercharge their ambitions. For many, success in life is a destination. A peak atop a lofty mountain of desire that once conquered offers a stunning view of a thousand more peaks glistening in the distance.

For us however, success is a journey with a myriad of meaningful stops along the way. Some start the journey with a full tank brimmed to the top, others barely have enough to get off the starting line. Help us top up the tanks of the youth in Langa.
Donate now and change a life.