The DUKKS Foundation

Township Driving Academy Fundraiser

Challenges we faced with our high Utility bill:

There was darkness of emotions in our lives. There was a sadness, fear, and pain. It was in those times we could only do two things. Pretend we were not facing this big giant of high bills, or do we acknowledge it or walk towards the next step of change. It was in these times of sleepless nights and fear we needed to get up and walk towards change in our lives and pray to GOD for a way out. We fell behind with our utility payments due to loss of income. We had a very hard time dealing with our debts because we never had financial problems before. There are so many expenses and managing a home and family it was hard.

Due to our financial hardship and in order to meet necessary household expenses plus credit payments. We went to the City of Cape Town asking them to consider our needs and ask them if we can pay off the arrears. This also did not help much because the bill was getting more and more. And we were unable to meet the regular agreements with the City.

Then the City sent us a pink demanding letter saying if we are not going to pay the bill in full they will have to sell all our assets. We then took out a loan and paid in full December 2017. In Jan 2018 we still had a high bill and it looked like it never stopped.

This generous support of the DUKKS Foundation made it possible for our church community to enjoy the electricity. It brought so much hope and peace in our lives. We wish to thank you for your support and, your dedication , attention and open minded thinking and for your readiness to help and respond to our request.

Thank you for opening this door of relief , this was a huge step of strength for us. This assistance is for us a warm bright ray of light .

We can now cook food for our feeding scheme on a Wednesday not to consider the electricity bill.

-Noleen Southgate(Christian Healing Ministries).