Christian Healing Ministries – Manenburg

Township Driving Academy Fundraiser Challenges we faced with our high Utility bill: There was darkness of emotions in our lives. There was a sadness, fear, and pain. It was in those times we could only do two things. Pretend we were not facing this big giant of high bills, or do we acknowledge it or […]

New Year, New Dawn, Same Mission.

New Year, New Dawn, Same Mission.

New Year, New Dawn, Same Mission. The start of the year is typically a time of much reflection for many. For some, it is an important time to assess the previous year, celebrate the victories, decry the failures, take the necessary vows and find new resolve to forge on into the year. For others, the […]

Township Driving Academy Fundraiser

Township Driving Academy Fundraiser For some, the ability to drive is a ticket to freedom, literally and metaphorically. Dreams of traversing the country on roads less travelled beckon many a driver in pursuit of new and at times distant horizons. New opportunities arise with the rising of the sun, the road network serving as sinews […]

Creating A Safe Haven

The Haven

Creating A Safe Haven Established in 1978 in Cape Town, South Africa, the Haven Night Shelter was founded with the goal of helping adults living in the streets find temporary shelter while trying to re-integrate them back into society. This is done through rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare services, family reunification services, physical care and support […]