M’hudi Farm Project Update

M’hudi Farm Project Update

One of the interesting highlights and challenges of charity work is the sense that one can never really do enough. Each completed project often serves as a gateway to more projects. While we helm each new task with passion and and a clear sense of purpose we are constantly being reminded that sometimes its the little steps that we take that spearhead the forward march of a movement.

The M’hudi Farm Project has been one such a step for the DUKKS Foundation. While there is still quite a lot more to do at the farm, we can gladly report that the objectives we set out have been met. Please listen to the interview below with one of our co-founders, Joerg Schilling, as he gives a progress report.

5 thoughts on “M’hudi Farm Project Update

  1. Noeleen

    Wow u guys are so amazing much love

  2. Anonymous

    Hello. Thank you Joerg for the update.

  3. Martin Zeeman

    What a fantastic project! I am so impressed!

  4. Keli

    Thank you for the encouragement. If you would like to support the DUKKS Foundation please share the video and website details with friends and family. You can also find us on Patreon.

  5. Keli

    Thanks Noeleen.

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