Love Lost

Even though the DUKKS Foundation is made from a seemingly motley ensemble of people, we all have a singular purpose: To celebrate the life of Daniel and to use the foundation as a channel to help others in need. This being said, every now and again we need to look back and reflect on how far we’ve come and where we are going but more importantly, what brought us here.

Brad Knight a.k.a. Bradley Russel isn’t just one of the founding members of the DUKKS Foundation and our resident social media officer, he was also Daniel’s cousin and best friend. Together with his band, Brad penned the titular song to this blog entry. Follow along as he muses on Daniel’s passing and contemplates what this has been like for him and those closest to Daniel.

The song is dedicated to Daniel as a bastion of our resilient love and respect for Daniel and what he means to all of us. The song will be published world-wide on the 14th of October this year as a commemoration of Daniel’s life and passing.

Thank you Brad, for this amazing love song.

DUKKS Foundation team.

4 thoughts on “Love Lost

  1. Suzie

    Brad! Thank you! Amazing! I love the song. The song is soooo beautiful and deep. It brings back many memories. Thanks for that. Love Suzie

  2. Constanze

    Thank you Bradley for this lovely song belongs to Daniel.

  3. Sven

    Beautiful souls you are.

  4. Yolande

    Brad, your song, for and about Dan, and what he meant to all of us, is truly special and shows how amazingly talented you are. Thank you for loving him so much. Thank you for this song.

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