About Us

The DUKKS Foundation

The DUKKS Foundation (Daniel Ullrich-Koetter-Knight-Schilling Foundation) was founded in April 2018 by Susanne Koetter-Schilling, Nina Ullrich and Joerg Schilling in memory of Daniel Ullrich-Koetter- son, brother and step-son of the founding members.
Daniel was murdered in the early morning of the 14 October 2017 near Kloof Street when he was helping two women who were getting mugged. He followed the criminal who stole a cellphone, got stabbed fatally and died on the scene. Daniel was only 25 years old.
It was a shock to the community and it is surreal to this day. Daniel’s friends are calling him a hero because he gave up his life to help others.

DUKKS Foundation Agenda

  • The DUKKS foundation wants to honor Daniel’s civil courage and the special person he was. He always put his friends and others first.
  • The foundation’s goal is to support as many charity projects as possible which help children, teenagers and young adults coming from underprivileged families where violence, drug addiction, and poverty make it difficult for them to stay on the right track. They usually end up in gangs or become homeless.
  • The founders of DUKKS felt obligated to take on the responsibility of helping institutions struggling to survive financially to continue with the important work they are doing in their communities.
  • The DUKKS Foundation focuses on helping charity institutions who are taking care of children, teenagers and young adults to not end end up on the street like Daniel’s perpetrator.
  • The members of DUKKS bring the following expertise to the table and are currently providing the following services to other charity organizations.
  • Psychology: Counselling of groups and individuals at the facilities or assisting the existing psychologists and counsellors.
  • Business experience: How to improve the institution’s efficiency as well as cost management.
  • Sustainability: Reducing running costs of the organizations facilities like electricity and water while installing energy-efficient solutions for them.

Video Memorial Of Daniel's Life

This video was made by a friend of Daniel’s. Do note however that there is some mild swearing as it has been made from a collection of home videos.